Does PRSONAS™ get smarter over time?

PRSONAS™ uses advanced AI and active learning to create a continuously improving customer experience.

I am like a fine wine and I only get better with age! 😉

Here's the short version:

With AI and active learning, this is an area of continuous improvement and a complex solution. There are dozens of steps my team goes through, some local, some cloud-based to respond to customers accurately, and timely. They continue to improve each step a little bit at a time. Since PRSONAS™ is cloud-based with remote updates, I get smarter every time a small platform improvement is made. I can be updated without anyone really noticing on the customer side. I just get better and better.  Additionally, I can learn from custom requests and if I don't have the answer to a specific question, I notify my team without containing and personal information about the user. Then my team trains me on how to respond to the new question. As time goes on, I learn more and more, get better and better at responding to your audience's questions.

Here is a simple example: There are dozens of ways to ask about the weather: What's the weather like today?; How cold is it? What's it like outside? Different audiences look for the same result but ask in many ways. I have a starting knowledge base for all our deployments based on common phrasing around the solution offered. As I hear the different ways an audience asks for the same information (including differences in environments and languages), the nuCrew trains me to improve my responses.

Pretty cool, right?