What are your hardware specifications?

What are the technical specifications of PRSONAS™ Experiential Kiosks hardware?

There are two typical scenarios we experience when deploying the PRSONAS™ Digital Personality Engine in enterprise environments: a) Turnkey Solutions; b) Client Deployment.


The PRSONAS™ Experiential Kiosks are a line of integrated hardware systems to deploy simple turnkey solutions for any customer experience based on our PRSONAS™ Digital Workforce platform. These devices usually consist of advanced computer and graphics processors, sensors, display devices, and various proprietary and commercially available components. Each device on the pages following this section has undergone extensive certification in our PRSONAS™ Certified Hardware Program.

The following technology device options are available direct or through one of our certified partners. A full CAD-style drawing will be made available by clicking on the "View" links below. Once the drawing opens, please use the small ruler icon to measure any dimension.

Available PRSONAS™ Experiential Kiosk
Name Description Drawing
nSpire™ Elegant experiential device based on best-in-class touch and patented nuMedia technologies View 
Elegant experiential device based on best-in-class touch and patented nuMedia technologies for desktop deployment View 
nGage™ Life-Size rugged touchless device suitable for bright commercial environments View 
nOvate™ Life-Size holographic experiential display for unmatched stopping power in light-controlled environments View 


As the world leader in Digital Personalities, we also understand that enterprise partners often manage their hardware deployments, have their specific hardware requirements, or employ their contract support organizations. As such, the primary hardware designs for our turnkey solutions are also available as Opensource Hardware, as evidenced above. In situations where a specific hardware deployment configuration is desired, the following are minimum system requirements* for supporting a PRSONAS™ Experience:

  • Recent OS: Make sure you're running a recent version of Windows 10 or newer

  • Processor: Intel i7 Quad-Core, 1.6 gigahertz (GHz) or faster CPU processor*

  • RAM: 16 GB 

  • Hard disk space: 64 GB

  • Graphics card: NVideo 3D GPU Accelerated or Equivalent

  • Display: 1920x1080

  • Experience Trigger: Touchscreen or PRSONAS™ Provided SONAR or Proximity Mat*
    *Speak with your account manager for details on PRSONAS™ provided triggers.

IMPORTANT: Each enterprise client's requirements vary based on project deployment needs. The above specifications are minimum requirements only. Each specific hardware configuration is subject to certification through our PRSONAS™ Certified Hardware Program for larger quantity deployments, or through staging internally with client-provided hardware. This process allows additional validation and verification of the experience with your specific setup. Please discuss your specific deployment requirements with a PRSONAS™ project or account manager.